Dear Friends,​​​​​​​​​

It’s my wish to make an online platform where people from all over the world can drop-in and meditate. 

It has been my experience over the past 10 years that consistency in the practice is really what separates those who experience results from those who don’t. As the Buddha mentioned, “If one attempts to make fire by rubbing together two sticks, and stops just as the sticks are becoming warm, they will never create the fire they seek.”

My wish is for this platform to be place that sets your practice on fire! Sound good?

Here’s how it works, I am setting up a secret Facebook Group into which I will invite those who are interested to join.

In the group, I will be posting a video every Monday that has a talk and a guided meditation for you to follow. 

Every week, I will cover meditation from a slightly different angle and also lead some different kinds of meditations. This will slowly give you a more grounded and well-rounded meditation practice. 

Aside from the 4 weekly videos, I will also host occasional live question and answer sessions for those who need help with their practice.

For all of this, I am asking those who wish to receive access to the videos and have the opportunity to practice together with the group for a monthly subscription of $10. 

This small contribution will help support me in my practice and the various projects that I wish to be involved in.

Are you in? GREAT! Send me a message in the contact form below with your Facebook info and click here to start your subscription:


Once the contribution is received, I will add you to the Facebook group and your new life of practice will be ready to begin!

Thanks and happy meditating!
I'M  IN!
Seth  Monk

(just breathe)​​​​​

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